How to write your diploma in 1 week

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Wondering how to write a diploma for the week, I came to the conclusion that modern students are too elegant and carefree living. From these findings? Yes, isn’t that right? One has only to enter a query in any search engine of the Internet, and then float before the eyes of a huge number of lucrative commercial offers.

Who would have thought that the world wide web has so many companies that guarantee quality performance diploma on any subject, and in the shortest possible time. How to read advertising, so for them there are no impossible tasks, and purchased the diploma will be assessed only on „excellent“.

She did not check the accuracy of this information, because 10 years ago, these helpers and there was no trace, but today some of my friends are praising these services. I will not do advertising because I believe and know that the diploma in a week can write any sensible student once he reached the 5th year, so not all is lost.

Let’s work together to figure out how to make a diploma for the week on their own, and is it possible? I counted only three ways and if something is overlooked (after all, the University graduated last year), I will be very glad to new innovative ideas.

Method the first. To efficiently plan your daily routine

If you don’t select the tight schedule and clearly he did not follow, could not meet. To be clear, what and when to do, write out a weekly plan of work on the diploma. I do recommend it to print out and hang on the wall to always eyes came across.

Day 1.

A mandatory list of works:

To attend district, regional and student library to find a maximum of useful information on the subject of the diploma. Not interfere with printouts from the Internet – again on the theme of a given work. Already home to study the data and make up for the basic plan.

Wishes, notes, reference:

Reference to literature was timely and appropriate, is required to approach the head of the diploma and to clarify the list of required titles.

Day 2.

— Introduction;


— Conclusion;

Wishes, notes, reference:

However, for successful implementation of these tasks it is necessary to plan for themselves in the draft, so to speak.

Day 3.

To start writing the theoretical part of the work. Here include the name of the object, purpose and tasks of the diploma, describe the significance of its implementation and application prospects in practice. To complete the theoretical part of the project, and by the end of the evening it should be represented in the finishing option.

Wishes, notes, reference:

With supervisor it is important to specify what the innovation will be included in the thesis project, and once again to ensure its contemporary relevance.

Day 4.

Wishes, notes, reference:

Preferably, it’d been a week, so if you have any issues you can immediately go with a supervisor.

Day 5.

A mandatory list of works:

To continue the technical and economic calculation of the previous day, pull all the loose ends and weak areas of work, and by the evening (or morning) this component of the graduation project must be prepared in final form. Do not forget to check spelling, punctuation and clearly comply with all the requirements and standards for registration of the thesis.

Wishes, notes, reference:

Day 6.

A mandatory list of works:

It is difficult, because the whole day will have to hold the screen. It will be the graphic design component of the diploma, which, in essence, distinguishes a thesis project from ordinary course work. If the drawings have difficulty, it is better not to waste time and to invite the assistance of a classmate or friend who is in this lesson, you will be well versed.

Wishes, notes, reference:

Use of graphic programs, because getting the right image takes much less time than, for example, to do the drawings manually.

Day 7.

To this day the diploma must be completed and provided to spend the day, you need carefully check and a trip to the University. First need to visit the supervisor, who after checking will witness its consent with the written personal signature. Then go to the other teachers, their signatures must also be present in the diploma, the so called, „access to protection“.